BeaTPAC was founded in 2005 as a senior project. With the guidance and leadership of Ava, Leia, and Juliet Fixel the project turned into the BeaTPAC we all know and love today.


The first year of BeaTPAC had 20 campers broken into two age groups. We have seen many instructors and counselors come and go but with the unending passion of the Fixels BeaTPAC now has 200 campers that are broken up into 6 age groups. For members of the BeaTPAC Family, BeaTPAC is indeed the highlight of their summer.

This summer will be the 15th year of BeaTPAC and the theme is........ What Dreams are Made Of!

Camp will be held June 17th-21st and June 24th-28th at Creekside High School!

The showcase will be on June 27th.

What an amazing showcase. My daughter’s first BEATPAC show today and wow. She is totally hooked on drama. She loved every minute. Thank you for igniting a passion.

Thank you again for yet another wonderful, fun show. It is truly amazing to see how much those kids learn in just 9 days. Thank you to your entire team for all their hard work and dedication to the kids and the performing arts!

Another wonderful performance! Thank you Fixels, instructors, counselors, and staff for the countless hours of time and energy you have devoted to the campers. Smiling all the while! Your enthusiasm is contagious. You are all greatly appreciated.

Yay! We love BeaTPAC! Such a positive and creative experience!

As usual I was very impressed with the Showcase. My child has attended this camp for 7 years. Amazing job by all staff and counselors and campers! There will be tears today!!

My daughter was in tears as we left camp on the last day! This was her second year attending and I think she really feels a great connection to the counselors and campers. I was very touched to see her so emotional! Looking forward to next year!
— BeaTPAC Parents