All applications are now open! Please fill out the application that fits you and the position you are seeking. Remember that you must serve one year on staff before applying to be a counselor.

You should apply to be a part of the BeaTPAC staff if you have a love and dedication to BeaTPAC and the performing arts and want to help foster that in future generations!

Counselor Guidelines:

Week 1: June 18th - June 22nd and Week 2: June 25th – June 29th

(Showcase: Thursday, June 28th)

Staff Hours:    Monday (6/18) 7am – 4:30pm (Orientation for campers and parents)

        Monday (6/25) - 7:45am – 4:30pm

        Tuesdays – Fridays - 7:45am – 4:30pm

        Thursday, June 28th  – Camp Showcase

        Friday, June 29th  - 7:45am – about 5pm (Camp Shutdown) – Dinner to Follow

*Camper Drop off begins at 8:15(ish) am – the 1st class starts at 9am *Camper Pick-up is at 3:30pm followed by a full staff meeting  

Counselor/Staff Applications Due by Monday 4/23 (Late Applications will not be accepted)

Staff Guidelines

  • Attendance

    • Counselors/Instructors

      • One Mandatory Meeting to go over camp songs and games, go over daily schedules, and prepare for fun!!!

      • In order to be considered for a counselor position – you  must be able to commit to the full 2 week camp session

      • Campers will begin arriving between 8 and 8:15 – all counselors should be at Creekside by 7:45 am

      • Counselors will need to arrive by 7am on the first Monday of camp

      • Counselors/Staff arriving late/leaving early will not receive the full amount of service hours and/or financial compensation and MAY BE DISMISSED FROM THEIR ROLES AT CAMP

      • The day for counselors will end after a wrap up meeting each day – after each camper has been picked up by their parents – about 4:30pm

      • There will be a showcase the second Thursday of camp at 2pm- which each counselor will be a part of

      • We will have a Staff dinner on the 2nd Friday of Camp

    • Tech/Support Staff

      • Less requirements than those for counselors – more flexibility/less time commitment – COMMITMENT is still extremely important to the functioning of the camp

      • Counselors/Staff arriving late/leaving early will not receive the full amount of service hours and/or financial compensation

  • Attire

    • BeaTPAC Shirts

      • Mondays – wear BeaTPAC Staff Shirt

      • Showcase – wear 2018 BeaTPAC Shirt

    • Wear Sneakers – to set a safe example for campers

    • No low cut tops/pants – tank tops are allowed (no spaghetti straps) – All images/slogans should be appropriate for young children (HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE/ITS DISTRICT AND STATE SHIRTS ARE PERFECT)

    • All piercings other than earrings must be removed (especially for your safety with all of the running around you will do) and tattoos should be covered

  • Attitude

    • *FUN, FUN, FUN!!!*Participation in All Activities*Stay Calm in trying situations

*Be a Team Player!*Bring Positive and Excited Energy with you each and every day!

*You should like children (even if you want to do staff – all staff members should have at least some interest in being a counselor).  If you do not like working with children, working at BeaTPAC will not be a good fit for you.  If you are not ready to work with young children all day long, please consider applying for a support role.

Counselor Selection Process... While previously serving as a counselor for BeaTPAC is a major plus…it does not guarantee that you will be selected as a counselor this summer.

  • Attendance/Commitment/ITS & School Theatre Program Involvement/Previous Involvement with BeaTPAC/ Grade Level/Age

  • Application: Application effort/ Experience/ Skills/Application Returned on time

  • Skills: Acting/Singing/Dancing Skills

  • Attitude: Energy/ Excitement/ Respect/General Treatment of Others and Kindness/Organization/ Listening Skills/ Determination/ Dedication/Work Ethic/School Disciplinary Record and Classroom Behavior

  • Students will be asked to serve on staff before being considered for a counselor position.  This may be waived at the discretion of the camp directors (for students beyond 9th grade). All students who fall into this group should still complete the new counselor application so that the directors may refer to them at any point prior to or during camp.

  • To be considered for a head counselor position, you must have served as a counselor for at least two summers and must currently be at least a senior in high school.  

  • ***Being great at performing and enjoying theatre is awesome…but there is a lot more that goes into being a counselor….our number one priority is our campers…and counselors are selected based on how we feel they will do with children and what type of personalities and skills we are in need of this summer.

You must be willing and able to participate in all kids of physical and creative activities.

New Counselor Application

Returning Counselor High School Student Application

Returning Counselor High School Graduate Application

Staff Application