Today: BeaTPAC - Wednesday 6/27 - Today will be a regular carpool line day.


New Car Pool Policy-

We will be making a decision every day by 3PM if we are doing a rain dismissal. If we are doing a rain dismissal we will post it here and you will receive a text message from us via Remind.  Please use this link to sign up for the Remind Group to receive a daily text about the status of carpool. 

Regular Pick up: The usual carpool line (Did you know it takes us an average of 9-11 seconds per camper to do the entire BeaTPAC carpool line?)

Weather Related Pick Up: Please park your car in the back parking lot (the same parking lot we always do afternoon carpool in) and come to the hallway that we released campers from today.  If you do not feel safe getting out of your car, we are happy to hold your camper inside until the severity of the storm subsides.